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YODA - Yet more Objects for Data Analysis  1.9.4
Scatter1D.h File Reference
#include "YODA/AnalysisObject.h"
#include "YODA/Scatter.h"
#include "YODA/Point1D.h"
#include "YODA/Utils/sortedvector.h"
#include <utility>
#include <memory>

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class  YODA::Scatter1D




typedef Scatter1D YODA::S1D
 Convenience typedef. More...


Combining scatters by merging sets of points
Scatter1D YODA::combine (const Scatter1D &a, const Scatter1D &b)
Scatter1D YODA::combine (const std::vector< Scatter1D > &scatters)
Conversion functions from other data types
Scatter1D YODA::mkScatter (const Counter &c)
 Make a Scatter1D representation of a Histo1D. More...
Scatter1D YODA::mkScatter (const Scatter1D &s)
Transforming operations on Scatter1D
template<typename FNX >
void YODA::transformX (Scatter1D &s, FNX fx)
 Apply transformation fx(x) to all values and error positions (operates in-place on s) More...