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YODA - Yet more Objects for Data Analysis  1.9.0
YODA::Binned Class Referenceabstract

A base class for all binned objects. More...

#include <Binned.h>

Inheritance diagram for YODA::Binned:
YODA::Histo1D YODA::Histo2D YODA::Profile1D YODA::Profile2D

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Binned ()=default
 Virtual destructor for inheritance. More...
virtual void reset ()=0
 Reset. More...
Bin accessors
These make sense in 1D; less clear about other dimensionalities
virtual size_t numBins () const =0
 Number of bins (not counting under/overflow) More...
Bin adding and removal

Check if binning is the same as different Histo1D

Needs RTTI for inequivalent types
virtual void rmBin (size_t index)=0
 Remove a bin. More...
void eraseBin (size_t index)

Detailed Description

A base class for all binned objects.

Definition at line 16 of file Binned.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Binned()

virtual YODA::Binned::~Binned ( )

Virtual destructor for inheritance.

Member Function Documentation

◆ eraseBin()

void YODA::Binned::eraseBin ( size_t  index)

Remove several bins

Implement, cf. Scatter::rmPoints()
Use rmBin

Definition at line 106 of file Binned.h.

References rmBin().

106 { rmBin(index); }
virtual void rmBin(size_t index)=0
Remove a bin.

◆ numBins()

virtual size_t YODA::Binned::numBins ( ) const
pure virtual

Number of bins (not counting under/overflow)

Implemented in YODA::Histo2D, YODA::Profile2D, YODA::Profile1D, and YODA::Histo1D.

◆ reset()

virtual void YODA::Binned::reset ( )
pure virtual

◆ rmBin()

virtual void YODA::Binned::rmBin ( size_t  index)
pure virtual

Remove a bin.

Implemented in YODA::Histo1D, YODA::Histo2D, YODA::Profile2D, and YODA::Profile1D.

Referenced by eraseBin().

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