Source code for yoda.script_helpers

import os

[docs]def parse_x2y_args(args, xextns, yextns): """ Helper function for working out input and output filenames for YODA converter scripts, where the output name is generated by replacing the input file extension (xextn) with the output one (yextn), if there are exactly two arguments and the second arg is consistent with an output name. The x/yextn arguments should include the leading dot. """ def endswithoneof(s, ends): #return any(s.endswith(e) for e in ends) for e in ends: if s.endswith(e): return e return False infiles = [] outfiles = [] if type(xextns) is str: xextns = [xextns] if type(yextns) is str: yextns = [yextns] ## If there are two args and the second has the right output extension, treat as in-, out-names if len(args) == 2 and (endswithoneof(args[1], yextns) or args[1] == "-"): infiles = [args[0]] outfiles = [args[1]] ## Otherwise treat as a list of in-names and generate default out-names else: for infile in args: xextn = endswithoneof(infile, xextns) if xextn: outfile = infile.replace(xextn, yextns[0]) else: outfile = infile + yextns[0] outfile = os.path.basename(outfile) infiles.append(infile) outfiles.append(outfile) return zip(infiles, outfiles)
[docs]def filter_aos(aos, match_re=None, unmatch_re=None): "Remove unwanted analysis objects from a dict (modifies arg, also returned)" import re if match_re: re_match = re.compile(match_re) keylist = list(aos.keys()) for k in keylist: if not del aos[k] if unmatch_re: re_unmatch = re.compile(unmatch_re) keylist = list(aos.keys()) for k in keylist: if del aos[k] return aos